Locally owned Small Business Celebrates 30 Years of Growth and Innovation


Lakewood, Colorado January 2, 2024 – ATA Services, Inc. (ATA) is proud to announce the celebration of its 30-year business anniversary.  Founded as a Colorado Corporation in 1994, the Hispanic and Veteran-owned company provides comprehensive and innovative solutions in support of administrative, professional, technical, healthcare, and industrial positions across the nation.

Under a contract with the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ATA provides staffing services to all 50 states and their respective political subdivisions such as Cities, Counties, Universities and Hospitals. The expansion of ATA over the decades to as a nation-wide provider has not changed the company from its proud roots. ATA is proud to be grounded in Colorado and New Mexico where the majority of its business exists.

With annual sales doubling in the last four years, ATA has demonstrated the ability to meet all the staffing requirements of our customers in dozens of counties, cities, state, and federal agencies throughout the country.  Over the last thirty years we have provided thousands of personnel in hundreds of labor categories in support of our customers nationwide, from Hawaii to Vermont.

Reflecting on ATA’s accomplishments, Owner and Chief Executive Officer Bernie Velasquez said, “Over the years, we’ve built a great network in Colorado, the Southwest and nation-wide. We’ve built partnerships with our clients and have developed strong relationships with a huge number of highly qualified personnel. We pride ourselves on working with clients and candidates to make great matches, taking care to show respect for the needs of both.”