NASPO Master Agreement

ATA Services, Inc. (ATA) has been awarded a NASPO Master Agreement by the National Association of Procurement Officials (NASPO) for Temporary Employment Services.

The NASPO Master Agreement No. 20-00000-21-00021AD allows every state and political subdivision within the state to use ATA for staffing services without going out to bid. States may participate by signing a Participating Addendum (PA) with ATA which incorporates the terms of the NASPO Master Agreement and can be used by all Political Subdivisions in the State to include Cities, Counties, Universities, Hospitals, etc.

Clients can tailor the PA to their specifications to include required (unique) terms and conditions and state-specific reporting requirements. If a State does not sign a PA, Political Subdivisions in the State may sign their own Participating Addendum (PA), subject to the approval of the Chief Procurement Official of the state where the Participating Entity is located. Clients can tailor the PA to their specifications to include required (unique) terms and conditions such as what they include in their staffing contracts, and other state-specific reporting requirements.

ATA will provide temporary employment services in the following areas:
  • Administrative Support (Including Office and Clerical)
  • Commercial/ Industrial Workers
  • Healthcare Staffing Services (Clinical and Non-Clinical)
  • Information Technology
  • Professional Services (other than IT)
The following pricing mark-ups have been negotiated with NASPO:
  • Administrative, Clerical, and Commercial/Industrial Support - 19.5%
  • Healthcare Staffing Services - 15%
  • Information Technology - 15%
  • Professional Services - 15%

These mark-ups are applied to salary cost which includes Pay Rate, Payroll taxes, Workers’ comp cost, ACA/health benefit cost, sick pay and paid time off if required in your state. Add these costs together and add the mark-up for the final bill rate.

  Why Use ATA Services?

ATA has built strong and effective partnerships with States and State Subdivisions utilizing NASPO Agreements since 2016 and are currently providing skilled and experienced personnel across the United States.

  Benefits of Using ATA Through NASPO

  • Cost and Time Savings in skipping the whole procurement process
  • Savings on recruiting costs
  • Quick Response to changing needs
  • Time saved in pre-qualifying and screening personnel
  • Highly competitive pricing – pre-negotiated